As the competition for civil services exams has grown and it is getting even tougher to crack these exams and to be able to serve India as a bureaucrat, preparing for IAS and IPS exams on your own isn’t enough. You need proper guidance, mentorship, study material and the right approach to have a fighting chance with these civil service examinations. Here is our attempt to help you for achive your goal and we even go as far as bringing in discounted fee structure for our hardworking students.

A bad habit among coaching institutes is to hire it’s students as faculty once they’re done with the training programme and as you can guess this will not make for a good teaching experience. But in Dnyanadeep Academy The primary teaching faculty should consists of experience professionals who have secured good marks in the civil services exams and can thus impart valuable knowledge on how to go about the exams, apart from what you’ll learn from the textbooks....


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